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Kuala Lumpur, 17 Apr, 2020. An asthma diagnosis is probably a frightening event for most people. Bronchial asthma is regularly accompanied by coughing fits, shortness of breath and the dreaded asthma attacks. Anyone who suffers from the disease knows the feelings of panic and fear it can cause, and how much it can restrict normal everyday life. Asthma is caused by hypersensitivity of the bronchial system. This causes the airways to narrow and the mucous membrane to swell, resulting in an overall difficulty in breathing. According to estimates, more than 230 million people worldwide suffer from asthma, and the number of illnesses caused by environmental factors continues to increase.


Inhalation can provide relief for asthma. The inhalation products from medisana, one of the leading specialists in the home health care market, use the healing powers of nature by simulating them. The new medisana IN 525 inhalers offer targeted treatment for diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract, which include not only asthma but also colds. The inhalers allow users to breathe in certain aerosols which support the self-healing powers of the human body. In aerosol therapy, medications are nebulized and then inhaled. Mucus and secretions are liquefied, and the typical detoxification process for colds is supported. For the specific treatment of certain diseases, medically prescribed aerosols can also be used. The big advantage of this therapy is that the medication is quickly administered right where it is required to have an effect, from the nose and throat to the lungs.


The new medisana IN 525 inhaler provides reliable results thanks to its combination of atomisation with compressor air technology. It is easy to use and scores points thanks to its durable yet modern design. IN 525 is compact, lightweight and easy to use, while its nebulization is impressively quiet. When the active substance tank is empty, they switch off automatically.


All medisana inhalers are certified medical devices that are subject to strict requirements and regular inspections. They are equipped with a wide range of accessories. Depending on the model, this includes nebulizer bottles, air hoses and replacement filters as well as an adult mask, an infant’s mask, an angled mouthpiece, a nose adapter and practical storage or zipper bags. Inhalation can be successfully achieved with either the mask or the mouthpiece, meaning that it is also suitable for use by children at any time.


medisana is one of the leading specialists in the home healthcare market. For over 35 years, the German company has been committed to people’s health with the motto “Your health in good hands”.


medisana is pioneering the trend towards mobile health management, and is delivering future oriented products for modern life in an increasingly networked world. The Neuss-based company is the German market leader in the field of massage. medisana develops, markets and sells worldwide products for health-conscious consumers in the categories of mobile health, health monitoring, wellness, sport, personal care, therapy and healthy home.


For more information on the MEDISANA products, visit medisana.com.my, or stay tuned with us at MEDISANA Malaysia Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MedisanaMY


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